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Download 2 Free Tunes from the EP: "A REVOLUTION NOW: The Weather Underground"!

Download Download Face them Now and Baby Love from the EP: "A REVOLUTION NOW: The Weather Underground", free. The full EP will go on sale soon!

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Coming Soon:

Michael Henry, formally of the Boston based world music ensemble III Kings, will release his debut self entitled EP, "The Weather Underground".

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A Revolution Now: Wake up the World

Mike Henry aka Mikey Massive's debut album, "A Revolution Now: Wake up the World" will electronically be on sale one month before its anticipated release date.


To reward all the loyal Freedom House Records web site visitors

I have posted 4 song previews and 1 complete album version song from "A Revolution Now: Wake up the World". Click here to jump to the music page and check out these revolutionary sounds.

You Can Make A

A percentage of your purchase supports the A Revolution Now Projects ongoing efforts to engage children, youth, and communities in healing and transformative music experiences.